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Generation Love(less) Posts

Episode 10: Breaking Up With Social Media

Stalking exes on social media is a big enough topic in today’s world that psychologists have actually begun to research it. ‘Post breakup interpersonal electronic surveillance’- aka Facebook creeping – allows us Millennials to keep tabs on our ex after we part ways. But what is this doing to our breakup recovery process? The girls are here to investigate, as well as give their sage advice on how to handle breaking up with social media. 

Episode 8: Are Millennials Afraid To Commit?

Are Millennials afraid of commitment? And if so, why? Generation Loveless’s expert Millennials, Alex and Helena, theorize as to why this is the case. They consider the possibility that Gen Y is just cautious when it comes to love. Or maybe Millennials live up to the narcissist stereotype and put their own interests first, even before love.

Episode 7: Best Sex We’ve Ever Had

Episode 7 is the first installment in the juicy Advice + Wildcard segment! In the first part of the episode, Alex and Helena help listeners solve their current dating frustrations. The ladies also play a rapid-fire game in which they describe (in detail..) the best sex they’ve ever had, their biggest turn-ons in bed, and how they lost their virginities.